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Kindred Spirits

Together along the Alpine Path

The Alpine Path
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This community is for fans of L.M. Montgomery to discuss her works and other related topics.

It's also for people looking for discussions of children's lit and women's lit, so if you have to be incoherent about your new Heyer novel or Little Women or gloat because you found the sequel to Rebecca of Stonybrook Farm, feel free.

We're pretty easygoing around here, but we do want you to exercise a little gumption. If you happen to use a bad word nobody's going to flame the living daylights out of you. Play nicely.

Read the userinfo! We expect you to follow it.

If you try to ask for torrents for the Anne movies Meg will probably feel led to box your ears. her personal feelings about Kevin Sullivan aside. If you're asking where you can find something a little more rare, like the older Anne movies or the anime, that's probably not going to get you thumped.

We sort of discourage people selling things here, but if you have to get rid of your boxed set of something or are trying to find or sell a particular novel, we're not going to kill you unless it's really blatant. A link to an auction within a post is okay. HAY GUYZ IM SELLIN BOOTLEGS LOLOLOLZ is NOT.

Reasonable discussion is one thing. A total flamewar about, for instance, the movies, what Barney and Valancy may or may not have gotten up to and what sort of sicko would think such a thing, pairing wars, etc, will be squashed.

Fanworks are fine, of all varieties, although they need to be put under an LJ-cut and appropriate warnings placed.